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Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are a great way to make some extra money online in Australia and around the world, did you know that there are now thousands of Australianís making money online doing paid surveys? Why not become one of them and signup to do paid surveys online today, itís totally free, and there are many other benefits besides being paid to do internet surveys.

The Benefits of Paid Surveys:

Some of the benefits of doing paid surveys online are that, you get to voice your opinions and views to Australian companies. A good percentage of the surveys you do will pay cash, but you can also win cool prizes like plasma TVís, digital cameras, mobile phones and other valuable merchandise, you can even get chances at winning huge cash prize of up to $30,000 or more.

A lot surveys are paid with cash incentives, the amount can vary, depending on the subject of the survey and the amount of time it takes to complete. The cash amount or prize paid for each survey is usually explained to you in the invitation email before you start, and can be up to $150 or more. Payments are usually paid to you by cheque, bank deposit or PayPal, some survey companies give you points, which can be exchange for cash and or prizes when you accumulate the required amount.

Another good benefit in signing up to do paid surveys online, is that you can complete the surveys from the comfort of your home computer, in you own spare time.

Top Paid Survey Companies in Australia:

The following list of paid surveys companies all accept and send regular surveys to Australians, and they are all free to join.

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About Market Research:

Paid surveys are a form of market research, in which the surveyed people are paid for their time and opinion. Companies in Australia and around the world want to hear your opinion and views about their products and services. What these companies do is, hire the services of market research companies to get them.

When you signup to a market research or paid surveys company online or offline, you are put into their data base for future surveys, when businesses hire the market research company to do a survey, you are then picked from this data base to do the survey if you meet the surveys criteria. Most paid surveys start with a screener survey, this is a short series of questions to find out if you are the type of person the survey is suited to.

If you get to complete the survey, you then paid in one form or another. The information you give during the survey is then used by the business or company to help improve their products and services or in some cases create new oneís.